Just brought home 5 Buf Orpingtons......


11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Feed store just got these in today and just picked them up, anybody know approximately how old they are?
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I have four kids, 10, 9, 6, & 4. I am pretty nervous with the two younger ones. Any tips on the chick fanaticism at this stage? How durable are these little chicks? I read somewhere legs are the weak spot.
I let my 4 yr old handle the chicks, but only sitting down, she tends to drop them. Sometimes I cringe, but no injuries yet.
It is best to make sure the chicks can stay at the required temps as being chilled can make them sick. As for durable. They are tough but not indestructible. Treat them like a glass egg and don't drop them. I'd advise supervised visit times on the floor so no accidents can happen from dropping. Shouldn't squeeze them either really... Wash hands after handling and keep them warm.

I don't have kids...but I know many others do and have chicks at the same time. I bet they know a billion times more than I do about chicks and kids.

Good luck! I should be off to bed.

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