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    May 15, 2011
    I currently have 3 Easter Eggers chickens. We were wanting to get a few more. One chicken we were interested in was off Craigslist. The chicken we were interested in was a Frizzle Chicken (when their feathers grow backwards.) I thought that was different and pretty cool. So when we got there to purchase a chicken from her frizzled flock, I noticed that some of the chickens did not have feathers around the face. I figured it was just a trait of the Frizzle chicken (and it may be.) The children picked out a chicken they and passed it back and forth. I made the mistake of not doing an inspection on the chicken. Upon bringing the chicken home, I was able to quickly see that the chicken has parasites on its face. Does anyone know what type of parasite it is and what to do about it? How long until they go away?
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    I don't know what that is but everything that comes in the yard gets dusted very, very well with Sevin Dust.....hope this helps....
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    would say that I would guess mites (I'm seeing black specs in the photo)...see the above website for treatment advice.

    What I do to apply dust is to:

    Put on mask, gloves, long sleeves, take shower afterward.
    Take a cardboard box and line it with a large plastic garbage bag to catch the powder.
    Put dust in an old sock or stocking and tie off the top.
    Put one chicken at a time in the box on its back, and powder puff under the wings, around the vent and everywhere except the face.
    Repeat in 10 days or it will be the same problem over again, believe me!
    Throw away all shavings or it will be the same problem over again, been there done that!

    Also, the feed stores carry poultry dust that will work as well.
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