Just canceled the PEEP shots


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Mar 15, 2008
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I just cancelled the shots for my peeps. I had the coch. shots & mareks both stopped.. so now tell me what to get for them.. I looked & I have 2 small bags of medicated crumbles from McM hatchery. & I think they said something was comming UNDER the chicks in the box? a package od medicine I think
what should I go buy?


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It is by far cheaper and quicker to have the vaccinations at the hatchery. When I buy hatchery birds I have them all vaccinated. When they are vaccinated at the hatchery you do not give them medicated feed it cancels everything out. I do not use medicated feeds either. It is my belief that the birds are better served building their own natural immune system.

Anything extra you may have ordered for the chicks like quik chik drink powder, etc is packed under the straw mat in the shipping box your chicks come in. They do not routinely pack any medicines with new chicks. Large items will ship separately. If you only ordered chicks you will only get chicks - nothing else.

When your chicks arrive if they are chirping and happy they don't need anything but good fresh clean water and the starter crumble feed. If they are stressed you can add some apple cidar vinegar to their water for a boost or something like quik chik. I would not recommend that you give them sugar water as it can lead to bad cases of pasty butt. Then you have more problems on your hands than you want as a new chick owner.


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Jan 22, 2008
Can you elaborate more on why you changed your mind. I have 25 chicks coming at the end of the month and chose to have the vaxed. Will the mystery chick be vaxed as well? Just curious as to your resoning. I figured the vax was better than medicated feed.


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Jan 9, 2008
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The QwikChik gro gel is usually what is packaged with the chicks. It's got vitamins and electrolytes in it. It's a greyish powder that you mix with water and it turns into a gritty looking blue gel that the chiks will scarf up. I crumbles it onto the top of the feed and they ate it right along with the feed. The bright color helps attract them to it, so they learn where the feed is.


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Jan 29, 2008
All of my chicks were vaccinated for mereks and cocci from mcmurray and they are fine. But I know that is my experience. I didn't want to feed medicated food.


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Jan 13, 2008
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I cancelled the cocci vaccinations for my broilers because I decided to raise them Saladin style, moving the pens to new pasture every day- they won't sit in their droppings. I'm having my layers vaccinated at McMurray because I don't want to feed medicated feed- medicated commercial birds is a big part of why I wanted to raise my own in the first place. McMurray claims that their vaccinations comply with organic standards- makes sense to me, since a vaccination "naturally" makes you immune to something, rather than a preventative medicine.

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