Just caught a stray kitten, vet at 5 PM, any advice


May 12, 2018
Central Virginia

Anyone want to hazard a guess how old she is? Hoping she is socializable. She has been hanging around our property (borders hundreds of acres of woods) and under our cars for several days, meowing very loudly for food.

We already have a 10 year old cat and will have to introduce - I believe I will learn that at her age some of the cat communicable diseases are still not testable until older so she will have to stay separated for a while. Our plan is to keep in wife’s work from home office, so she’ll get several hours of human contact per day.

Can see some blood at her mouth, not sure if that was caused when she was caught in this crate.

These are things I am going to ask about but presumably vet knows more than I do ... and probably does as well.

- deworming?
- flea/tick treatment (someone said Revolution?)
- ear checks
- rabies vaccines
- distemper
FIV / leukemia / feline aids

- anything she can spread to my cat (which has been to a vet probably once ever)

I feed Wellness food (costs more to feed cat than my children!)


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Dec 31, 2014
NE Missouri
Poor little thing. She looks like she has been fed by whoever dumped her. Bless you for taking her in. :hugs

I'd say she's no more than 8 weeks, maybe younger. So tiny. We have 5 of the little heathens, our oldest, diabetic and 20 years old and our three youngest are 8. They sure wrap their little paws around your heart.

Your vet will be able to pinpoint her age for you.

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