Just curious... I've had them as good layers for 3 years, never known the breed...


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May 11, 2010
Northern California
The 2 hens in question (not the RIR or Barred) are 3 years old now & I've never known their breed.
I took pics today to share:

They are black w/ a very iridescent green that shows in the sun. They have medium sized rose/red combs, most toes are yellow but a couple are black. They lay medium sized brown eggs.
Any ideas?
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The black legs, evenly serrated combs, soft feathering.... says Australorp to me!

edited to add: When you say 'rose comb'... they don't look rose combed to me? (see below for pic of rose comb - not my bird!)

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Black sex links. Australorps are pure black.

x2 we just got a black sex link, and she looks just like your birds.
Thanks! I always thought sexlinks but after looking at Australorp pics I thought maybe thats what they were & I got curious.
As far as the "rose" comb... does that mean its fanned out like in the pic above, not the color of it then? I am not up to par on my chicken lingo...
Mine are straight combed!
Australorps are pure black with a beetle green sheen (as per standard). They have black eyes, straight combs and ideally have 6 - 8 serrations on the comb I think? They 'should' have black feet with pinkish white soles..... but hatchery stock can vary in colour. In Australia it is considered a serious flaw to have yellow legs in show stock.

Do your birds have any other colour like brown through them? Actually in the first pic they do look to have a bit of brown on their chest? They could be any sort of cross or maybe even something like a Jersey Giant? - I've seen them with yellow legs before?

And yup, Rose comb refers to that squished looking comb in the pic I posted rather than a nice straight one like your girls!!

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