Just curious, What is a good egg producing breed?


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Aug 28, 2011
Laurel Co, Kentucky
New to this, we bought some dark cornish. Some say they are good egg layers, some say they aren't. I guess time will tell. I am curious what is your opinion on the best egg producers. Thanks for your advice in advance.
I like my red stars, (red sex link) I have white leghorn, rhode island red and Red Stars. I am working my flock around to 100% Red Stars. Friendly, docile chicken that lays large brown eggs and good numbers. my 25 lay approx 20-25 a day.
The best? ISA Browns, Leghorns.

A close second? Red and Black Sexlinks. (Depending on strain.)

If you're looking for "heritage" breeds? Black Australorps, Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshires.
I have mutts. I think they are red sex-links from the pictures I've seen online, and they are whoppers when it comes to egg production!! I agree with Stuby05, they're very friendly too

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