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    Mar 22, 2010
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    I love sitting and chatting to farmers when I buy my babies. We usually exchange cards and emails and I update them on how my purchases are going (if they show interest, some could care less). I love hearing about how their flock is going and who's doing what and who has what habits. The lady I bought my geese from had a muscovie steal all the goose eggs to try and hatch herself, quite cute. Moved them across 300m of farm just to get them to her nest!

    I'm sitting here looking at my boy, Elvis. He's my baby, I think. My husband doesn't like him as much because he *really* loves the chickens but he calmed right down once he had his first ducklings. He's such a good proud papa I can't help but love him. Right now he's at my door hissing and wagging his tail begging for some cornbread I made. He likes to break it all up so his ducklings get some too! Whenever I introduce new ducks he waddles on over and welcomes them happily! I was worried when I added 3 new ducklings to his but he took them so well! Just was so proud like, "I got me more babies!" He really is a super proud daddy. You can see it in his carbuncles. I got another drake and he even welcomed the drake into the flock with minimal fuss - just don't touch his babies! I am starting to consider Elvis a pet now - he's mah boy! He's a bit protective of me, too. I can 'tell' he loves me (read: I like to think he does) because he cuddles me and runs over to me to show me his babies and hens. When the neighbour dog came over and killed his baby, he nearly killed the dog! One of his missuses is named Lady Duck and the blues are his Blue Swede Shoes. I still don't know what to name his other hen.... My husband said Lisa Marie but I don't want Elvis doin' his daughter!

    Tell me stories of your flock! Any stories! Why you love that particular one... or a funny time something happened... I just LOVE hearing flock stories and personality stories. Who's your favourite? Why?
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    Dixie has to be my pick. She's a barred rock hen that i raised from a chick. She'll begin making distressed "I'm lost - Where is everybody?!?" type noises as she makes her way around the side of the house to the front porch, squawking away the whole time. I'll open the front door, saying "Come on in Dixie," and she'll follow me into the kitchen, where she always gets a tasty snack from the fridge. She'll look around a bit, check out the cats and dogs, and then I'll lead her back outside and off the porch so she can see the rest of the flock, and she'll wander back to them as if nothing happened. She's such a character!
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    My favorite(s) are Elvis the black bantam cochin cockeral (8 weeks) and Zip the mille fleur/cochin cockeral (7 weeks). They have been together since Zip's birth and they are nothing but trouble, in a cute way. There has truly never been a cuter cochin than Elvis. From his crow to his waddle"y" walk, to his "wanna be" rooster glare/stink eye. Zip is another story. He doesn't crow, he's kinda ugly, but he climbs into my hands to be held. I do not need more roosters but can't force myself to part with these boys.

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