Just finished my chicken tractor / breeding pen! (pic heavy)

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Apr 18, 2010
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Here is my coop I designed for a winter project and ended up building it right away in December, it will be used for breeding silkies. The coop measures 3'x3', the run measures 3'x10' and is 4' tall from the ground to the peak. It is built with 5/8 thick T1-11 plywood and 25 year architectural shingles. I did a lot of figuring to only use a total of two 4x8 sheets of the T1-11 plywood for the entire coop (all 4 walls, floor, roof sheeting and nest box walls, lid and floor) The coop has 2 coats of paint on it and the run is stained and coated in Minwax outdoor urethane. The bottom of the run is made out of cedar where it comes in contact with the soil to prevent rotting and the rest is pine. The run is covered with 1/2" hardware cloth. It has a hinged external nest box to collect eggs. Half the roof is also hinged to allow access to water, feed and clean the coop. The rear window hinges and the opening is covered in hardware cloth. There is a door at the end of the run to free range the birds and for access the run. The pop door is operated by a pull cable outside of the coop at the peak.


Great job! Love it!
The coop is heavy but I can easily move it myself. If I had to do it over I'd put bigger wheels on it since my backyard is kind of rough and look into mounting them in the middle of the run with a lever to flip to lift up the coop and navigate around easier and after moving flip the lever back and let the run sit tightly to the ground. With the wheels mounted all the way at the back its hard to move around in tight spaces because the front has to be swung around so far to steer.
It's really nice, I've wanted one for a long time and the flip wheels were someone I wanted. Just probably not going ot get that now, but this one works. You did a really good job on it.

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