Just finished my coop!

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  1. raven1911

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    Feb 28, 2016
    Excited for my new birds to arrive. I built this addition to my shed. First built the overhang and then built the actual coop and run. The coop is 4ft x 6 ft and the run is 8 ft x 10 ft under the overhang, so they have plenty of shade. I will eventually do an additional run that is covered with wire to prevent predators. I should get 8 full grown chickens soon from friends of mine. I want to free range them on my 2 acre property but am leery of coyotes in the area, but we will free range them during the day. :)I will keep a look out and will snipe the coyotes out if need be. Let me know your thoughts about the coop and any improvements I can make. I am currently building a waterer and a feeder out of 5 gal buckets. The feeder will have two 90 deg 3 inch PVC tubings going inside it and the waterer will have horizontal watering nipples coming out of a 5 gal bucket. [​IMG]

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    Good job, you have a beautiful coop. I envy your design and adding it to the shed is a great idea.

    My suggestions ( my coop floor plan and arrangement is exactly like yours)

    1- add some hinged shutters on the windows so you can lift for cold weather or storms so the flock won't get chilled or wet.

    2- Consider a way to orient the roosts so they don't overhang the nest access - they will poop there, walk thru it to enter the nests. - and carry it on their feet into the nests [​IMG] . I use sand in my coop and can scoop it out thru the nest box daily to cut down on the problem. My gals prefer roost location near the window and bet yours will also.
    - maybe add an angled plywood under the window onto the adjacent roost to block them from sleeping right over the nests?

    [​IMG] so glad you have joined us. Congrats on getting your own flock and finishing their coop ahead of time.

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  3. raven1911

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    Feb 28, 2016
    Thanks for the suggestions. I will have to undo the roosting bars and maybe put them against the far wall from the window and leave walking room for them in front of the egg boxes.
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    Out to pasture
    Beautiful work !!
  5. aart

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    My Coop
    Very nicely built....but coop too small for 8 full grown birds IMO.

    What is your climate?
    Putting your location in your profile can help folks give better answers/suggestions.

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