Just finishing my fall broilers


8 Years
Jun 8, 2011
We have just finished 30 white broilers. We got them 8/22. We processed 15 at 7.5 weeks. The birds ranged from 5.03lbs up to 6.38 lbs. just yesterday we finished the other 15 birds. 6.05 up to 6.90. This was our third batch of white broilers from McMurry hatcheries. We also got 12 red broilers at the same time.both the white and red broilers foraged like champs. I have found the secret to getting the white broilers to consistently forage on the pasture is to mix in a breed such as an egg layer or red broiler from the chick stage. If this is a well known secret please don't break my stones I'm still kinda new to this,but I'm thrilled with how good this batch has turned out. They foraged almost the whole time they were alive except for the first two and a half weeks. First, the red broilers are a pretty bird, large in size at 8.5weeks but not a lot of meat on their bones. I know they grow slower and all that but they feel like about 3-4.5 lbs. I'm committed to growing them full term just in comparison are pretty skinny,but I do enjoy watching them. I wanted to give a play by play over the last 8or so weeks but life is nuts right now so better late than never.will let you know how the reds turn out in a few weeks.bye for now.

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