Just found my Ameraucana with what appears to be prolapse, can't walk, falls over :(

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  1. I just found my Ameraucana in the coop in a corner, I thought she was just relaxing but when I got close she tried to get away, but she couldn't. Her legs wont carry her at all, and she just flops around on the ground. After I picked her up I noticed she had what appears to be prolapsing going on, but I don't know for sure. There is a red fleshy part of her coming out of her cloaca, pinkish in color. I haven't tried to push it in yet, but I will here in a few. My main concern is that she can't walk, at all. Is this normal with prolapse or does that mean she is far gone? She is my one hen that flies in and out over the run fence and she was out this morning walking along the outside of the fence and then flew back in and now this...seems to have progressed rather quickly no?
    I can not see any other wounds on her, so I don't think she was wounded by anything.

    Help would be much appreciated.

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    I've had experience of a couple of minor prolapses with one of my girls, but it never caused her to be unable to walk. How much of the prolapse is sticking out of her, and has she had any other health or laying issues recently? (Soft shelled eggs etc?)
  3. It isn't very much at all, maybe a 1/2" sticking out, but she is absolutely limp, her legs won't carry her at all.
    She has always laid, in my opinion, really large green eggs for her rather small size, never had any issues that I have noticed, just a happy go lucky member of my pecker palace......I don't know what to think of it. I've tried getting her to drink, but she won't, I'm thinking we might have to help her cross the bridge....she is bad off, poor thing.

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