Just found out my she... is a he!

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    Aug 14, 2015
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    We have four 10 week old chickens. Two Black Austrolorps, an Isa Brown and a Buff Orpington. They were all purchased with the purpose of egg laying, but also to add lots of love and fun and excitement to our family! (This is my first time being a chicken mommy, so this sure is a new adventure with lots of learning and surprises!)

    My Buff, named Rose (after a character in the Dr. Who series) is top of the pecking order. Of course she's bigger than the other three, but her comb and waddles are huge! My husband and I were starting to wonder if maybe Rose was a boy, but we supposedly bought sexed chickens, so they're supposed to be all girls! We've had so much enjoyment watching our girls grow up these past 10 weeks! We can't believe how much they have stolen our hears,and how much we love them! They are a part of our family!

    So imagine my surprise when I heard "crowing" coming from my backyard Thursday morning! I went out to the coop because I thought something was wrong! Nope! It was Rose, discovering she... I mean HE can crow! Although it's a little rough around the edges, it's definitely a crow! [​IMG]

    Unfortunately we can't have a crowing rooster in our neighborhood, so we have to relocate her. I've shed so many tears over this because it's like giving a family member away. [​IMG]

    The good news is that we will relocate my beautiful Rose to my friends farm, so she will have a good home with TONS of room to free range. She'll have lots of other chickens to play with, as well as turkeys, bunnies, goats, horses, a dog and a 6 year old little girl! AND, we can go visit any time we want!!!

    Thanks for letting me share my story!
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    Glad your Rose had a happy ending! Did he get a new name?
  3. BlessedCountry6

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    I am glad rose has a great farm to go to. Our roosters crows were quite odd and scratchy when they started. He will be loud and and manly in a few or so months. Glad u get to visit him. I too am wondering if he will have a new name.

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