Just gave my 1st shot---question--please hurry!!!!

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    May 15, 2009
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    I have a silkie who definitely has a respiratory issue going on. I gave her an injection of Tylan...there is a little bit of blood at the injection site...Is this normal? First time I ever gave an injection.......I hope I did it right....She's getting worse fast!!!!!!!!!! sounds like rice crispies when she breathes and she's opening her mouth and gasping for air. Is there anything else I can do?
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    The blood is probably because you went into a vein or the needle is a bit large. Tylan can be given in a bit of pinched up skin on the back of the neck, so that shouldn't really bleed. I have a no-treatment policy for respiratory stuff, so can't say what else you can do except give Tylan a chance to work. To help her feel like air is getting through, you could dab a tiny bit of Vet Rx, which is like Vicks VapoRub for poultry, near her nostrils, but it wont help with the source of the ailment.
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    It sounds like the illness has gone deep in her lungs. If you happen to have a nebulizer you can use that to try and open her air way. Place her in a box, with a hole in the side of the box, big enough for the nebulizar mouth. Close the top of the box and turn it on for 10-15 min and see if it's any better.....then you can add the tylan and dilutent.
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    I know that you can nebulize with oxine, but what else would be useful for the OP?

    A humidifier would also help in a similar manner.

    Did the silkie seem to get worse as a result of the injection, or is it simply not helping?

    Have you tried to swab out any mucous built up in her nose and throat? That could help.
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    Sorry, I ment with the nebulizer meds they use for people, or oxine or tylan mixed with the saline dilutent.
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    usually when you're giving an injection, if you go into a vein (instead of muscle or subQ tissue), the syringe will fill up with blood pretty quickly, like before you even push the med in. At least with people that's what happens when you hit a vein. Otherwise a spot of blood post injection is normal I think. Good luck with your chicken, hope she/he gets better!

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