Just got 3 baby goats! HELP!


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May 6, 2008
We just picked up our first 3 baby fainting goats. They are the cutest things ever! They are 2 1/2 months old. We got them for pets but will breed them when they are about a year old or so.

These are our first goats and they are eating they pellets and drinking water fine. They have a large pasture pen and can go in and out of the barn for protection but..........all they want to do is stand outside and cry! I mean cry to the point I would think they should be horse. It is driving me insane. I want to stay out with them all night because it is that pathetic. I can hear it in the house.

How long will this last? It is like leaving a crying baby in a crib for hours. It is breaking my heart. Is there anything I can put out there to soothe them or will this pass pretty quickly?



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Jun 11, 2008
Put them in their barn,(together), shut the door, make sure they are warm and dry and safe, and then go to bed yourself.Baby goats are a lot like baby humans, and they will wear you out. You have to make sure they have all their basic needs met, and then you have to put your foot down. I have 8 of the darlings, and they seem to all be fat, dumb and happy, but they are horribly spoiled and if I let them, they would live in the house with me, in fact I left the door open for a moment today, and they took the tour of the living room! Little goats are very much like little children, so treat them like you would your babies, but do not over indulge or you will live to regret it.


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Jul 8, 2007
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Sounds like they are missing their momma.

When we bought our 4 little Nigerian dwarfs several months back the breeder asked us to leave them with her for another week so that she could separate them from the mother and they would be done with the crying by the time they got here. Must have worked because they never cried. They were 4 and 5 months old and had been weened from the mother, just never separated from her.

I agree, put them somewhere safe and confined, with food and water, and let them cry it out. They have each other for companionship. They'll be o.k.

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