Just got 4 beautiful birds from KellyGaCochinFan! They are awesome!

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    I just picked up three hens and a roo from Kelly. They are standard cochins and are absolutely breathtaking! These are going to be the beginning of my new flock since the unfortunate loss of my birds back in October.
    I now have a beautiful blue rooster, one blue hen and two black hens. I already had a black and a white rooster so I really need a couple more hens but I have one heck of a start!!!! I'm just tickled to death with them!
    Thanks, Kelly!!!! It is great meeting you and I love the birds you chose for me!
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    We can't believe you until we have PICS!!! [​IMG]
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    You know, Robin, if you ever want one of Traveler's brothers or sisters, Meg is laying again and her eggs are fertile by Suede. When I have a broody, I plan to put her eggs under there along with others. Are you going to be able to keep them when you move?
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    Quote:x2!!!! Pics!!!

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