just got 4 new turkeys. lavender and blue splash.

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Rodster, Nov 20, 2015.

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    Morning everyone. Been a while since i posted and firgured it was time for an update. After losing 3 of my chicken hens and my turkey hen this past spring i was down to 5 birds total. I lost the bronze female to a coon, a hen to a prolapse (my favorite),one to a bad mouth infection that rotted her beak, then getting home from the vet after putting her down i found another dead in the nesting box. maybe a heart attack? have no idea, but it sux loosing parts of the family none the less. Anyways, about 3 months ago there was a post on craigslist for lavender and blue splash turkeys. Figured it was time, so i answered the ad then waited. Last week i got a text that they were ready, so i made an 80 mile journey to get them. really only wanted 2 females and a male, but they were offered in pairs at a reasonable price, so i got 4. They were bated from mail order eggs and i can tell they didn't have a mom by how uneducated they seem to be. Turkeys are rather dumb to begin with, but these poor guys really don't have a clue at all. One thing i will say is that they are super docile and very easy to handle as well as friendly. one of the females seems stand off ish, but the other female has really taken to me. the toms are also very tame and easy to handle. I'd still like to find another bronze female att some point, but my feed bill will be high enough with 4 almost full grown turkeys and 5 chickens. i am hoping i will have plenty of turkey chicks this spring. I'll attach pics later on.

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    Grats on the turkeys!

    Would you mind putting the pictures on https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/966414/a-century-of-turkey-talk-2000-2100/2670#post_16124282

    We are a small group but love turkey pictures. I have some blues and self blues myself they are sweeties, even if not too bright. Enjoy your turkeys.

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