Just got 6 Seramas have ?


10 Years
Mar 18, 2009
North Pole, ALASKA
They are soo cute and I am already loving them but... my husband said to me last night what is their purpose in our flock. And I dont know lol thier eggs are going to be small right? and kindof to tiny to eat right? I told him they give our flock color HAHA cause honestly I dont know what thier purpose is. I have two babies in the house and one will roost on my finger and he will also sleep on my shoulder for hours so least they are nice!!
If they really need a job, get a couple of diapers and take them to nursing homes! I'm sure plenty of older folks would love something to remind them the "old days".
I agree! Pics!

My DH says the same thing about EVERYTHING that I have, but all he really need to know that they make me Happy!

Tell yours that at least you dont have 100 or so of them! lololol There are worse things!
lol.. this reminds me of what my husband said when i first brought home my banties....

"that's not a chicken.. that's a nugget"

you guys are getting me in so much trouble... i keep finding all these new fun chickens that i want to get... these guys are super cute...

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