Just got a buff and auricana(sp?) baby chicks


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8 Years
May 17, 2011
North Florida
Need help adding to established flock. Two sex links, two brahmas, one cochin. My sexlink grannychicken rules the roost. Last time i tried to add to the flock grannychicken went on the rampage. I still have some weeks left before they get out of the brooder.

The only breed of those three I have is the brahmas. Mine are LF (large fowl). I adore my brahmas.
I have 22 adult chickens in my coop (3 are roos) and I just added 18 chicks to them (around 8 weeks old). I just put the chicks in the coop during the day when the other chickens were out free-ranging, and shut the door. I let the adults in at feeding time, and they never really seemed to notice the flock had gotten bigger. There were a few yelps let out, but that was it. Some people add the new-comers after the other chickens have gone to roost for the night, and some add the nebies with a partition in place until all the chickens get used to each other.

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