Just got a GQF Incubator.


11 Years
Oct 18, 2011
Attica, Mi
There is a guy that lives about 30 mins from me that sells incubators and parts for GQF's on eBay. I went up there to get parts to build my own and he had a real, real old GQF for $20.00 How could I not put it in my van and come home. It needs some work but I got a new dry /wet bult thermoment/hygrometer and a new heating element from him. I hope to either have this one up and running or to use it as a prototype for me to build my own. Holds about 180 eggs in trays or more without trays.

Either way, no more Little Giants if I can help it.
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yes. It was made out of OSB and then varished but the label is still on it. Wiring to plug it in is bad so I don"t know if the egg turner is working or not and the trays system is all rusted so I will be sand blasting it and putting it back together. Just the casters and moveable frame that it sits in is worth $20.00.

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