just got a hen and a rooster

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  1. yeziroo93

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    Dec 26, 2013
    fort worth, Tx
    2 weeks ago i bought a hen then a rooster and im so lost theyre both 1 year old the hen sleeps on top of the nesting box in the day and perches at night the rooster on the other hand is a different story just 3 days ago his legs started looking red like sunburnt he poops sloppy from time to.time but usually its regular poop he sleeping standing up in the day and i cant get him to roost which wasnt a problem before also theyve been moved from make shift coop to makeshift coop until i recently got a chicken coop from my uncle... should i seperate the rooster because the hen seems to be fine
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    Dec 26, 2013
    thats awful [​IMG]
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    Oct 24, 2013
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