just got a used dog house for a duck coop!

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    After reading several posts about the great finds people get from various sites I went looking for a dog house I could convert for a home for my runner ducks. I found one and it is huge, well made and cost me $30 YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am going to paint it nice and insulate it a bit and put it on a platform so that it is not on the ground. Any other suggestions, is latex non toxic paint ok? and I should replace the floor with non treated wood right?
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    I'd love to see pictures when you are done. My ducks love the dog houses and use them regularly but I haven't done anything fancy to them. I was gifted with 4 X Large plastic dog houses, 1 Dogloo and 2 X Large travel kennels. Only three of the dog houses are being used by dogs.
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    I too use doghouses for my call ducks. Not insulated and we cut out small vent areas on each side and covered them with chicken wire on the inside. Made a drop door for the doorway with a dowel rod that holds it open during the day.
    You will need to have treated floors so it will last longer with all the moisture. And use pine bedding..
    I bought mistints at Lowes and painted mine. Good luck
    Edited to say that you can put treated runners on it to get it off the ground instead of a platform... Works really well...
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