Just got back from Kauai!


8 Years
Aug 13, 2011
West Georgia
For all you chicken lovers out there, your dream vacation is Kauai.

We just arrived back from a week there. Just imagine a land where chickens run absolutely free, and no predators are there to stop them. We were told that the humane society received about 1500 chickens last year alone.

Not a day went by where we did not see or hear hundreds of feral chickens. It was absolutely surreal to be around so many chickens with free range eggs costing $10 a dozen in the store. Regular "commercial" eggs were $5 a dozen. Somehow, that seemed so very wrong.

We never found clutches of eggs. Locals told us that the hens do not leave the nest until hatching. Thousands of chickens, but no free eggs!

It was fun to see them in a natural habitat, though. The official name for them is Red Junglefowl on iBird Pro. All the stores sold chicken ware, too!


9 Years
Jul 10, 2010
That is my favorite thing about Kauai! My wife and I go there whenever we can. We get a lot of food for the chickens, so when we walk outside we can feed them all. It is awesome to see them all over the island. Fantastic!

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