Just got back from the show, major Pics inside!


12 Years
Sep 8, 2007
San Rafael, California
So I just got back from the Happy Valley Youth Double Show in Grass Valley, CA. It was very fun, though boy are my feet tired from standing non-stop again. Anyway, we did REALLY well this time, I'm actually very very pleased! First up are some pics of myself, my birds at the show, and the pretty ribbons we came away with!

Here's a pic of Myself, Silkieluvr, and ChickenThief!

Starting with Fluffy, our white bearded hen, we got TWO best of breeds with her! (remember this is a double show so they get judged twice by two judges).

Unfortunately, I caught proof of her real character. Thanks to Purplechicken, we all know what silkies are REALLY thinking.

Next was Freckles, our young mille fleur d'Uccle pullet! She got a first and a second in a class with some really nice other pullets (I was actually pleasantly surprised by how well she did). Way go to Freckles! Note, her tail sucks in this picture.

Next is Girly, who got one 3rd place. That's ok, she still beat a few really nice pullets, and is still my #1 girl! Her tail also sucks in this picture.

Cali, the evil quail d'anver pullet got two thirds, because she wouldn't fan her dumb tail whenever the judges were around but had no problem doing it 100% of the rest of the time.

Fabio got a 1st, and a best of variety! That's my stud muffin!

Summer got two 3rds. She's still sexy

Barbie got a 2nd, and a Reserve Variety!

Skipper got a Reserve Variety, and a second place!

And.. Here are our ribbons! Not bad for 8 chickens, huh?

Ok the rest of the images are just random pics of some of the pretty birds I saw there, meaning most of them are roosters since they stand out to me more, haha.



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Feb 3, 2008
Raymond, Mississippi
Congratulations! Thanks for sharing! I've never been to a show, and this is the next best thing. So many beautiful birds. I know you must be glowing with pride.


12 Years
May 24, 2007

I really like that second picture of the other "Roos" - looks just like a duck to me ... what do I know?

You really do have some great looking birds.

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