Just got chased by a fox!


8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
Chittenden County, VT
I guess I'll be getting a gun, and soon....

I was folding laundry about 45 minutes ago and heard a commotion from the driveway. We have 2 hens in a tractor coop in our driveway temporarily (as well as 5 more out back in quarantine), so my first though was for them. I ran out onto my porch to meet my cat running up the steps towards me, followed by a fox! Luckily I had grabbed a broom, the closest thing to the door, on my way out. I got the cat inside the house, even though he tried to turn on the fox, and then the fox made a second run, straight at me! This was all within 15 feet of my front door, with my neighbors watching as they pulled into our shared driveway. I swung the broom at the fox, he got about 10 feet from me and turned. He then stopped about 25 feet away and barked/yelped at me. Then ran around my house three times, stopping to bark/yelp a few more times, then ran into the neighbors yard before coming back again. He was not afraid of me and the broom, or the neighbors car (they drove over to make sure I was ok).

I called my brother who lives next door and he came over with his gun, walked around for a bit, but it seems the fox smartened up and ran off. My brother told me it was probably ticked off that I had taken dinner out from underneath it's paws. I have one cat with a wet tail, and one less of his 9 lives, but otherwise unscathed (and up to date on his rabies shot). All the chickens are safe, but I cannot wait to get my big coop and run finished. I'm kind of glad the neighbors came over so I could warn them, they have 6 chicks in a brooder on their screened in porch, I hope they bring them in for the night. I called and left a message on our game warden's nuisance animal line. Any other suggestions?

I do not own a gun, and haven't shot one in years, what would be best for this kind of situation, a 22?

This fox was bold and not afraid at all. There is also a mama fox and 2 kits on the other side of the hill in a den, but this was not her, we know what she looks like and this one's bigger. I'm worried between the 7 chickens I've got outside now, and the 13 chicks between us and the neighbors, we are setting up a fox buffet. My chicks are in the basement, and will be until they can go into the big coop.

I'm a little shaken up, and I not new to wildlife or livestock, and hoping I still have 7 birds when I go out in the morning.
We bought our daughter a Rem 870 Pump for her 12th birthday and over the years she has become quite good with it. She has shot fox and deer with it to say noting of the pheasants and ducks. The fox was killed with a 3" magnum number 2 shot at 35 yards and spun and dropped on the spot. A .22 will kill a fox but you'll have reaquaint your self with fine art of shooting a single bullet accurately. Use the ol' Hollow points if you go that route.
Be careful. Fox are feeding kits right now and are extremely bold in their search for food, but coming at you aggressively is absolutely abnormal behavior. I would be seriously concerned that the fox was rabid. Be very careful for the next couple of days or until the fox has been disposed of.
the marlin .22's shoot pretty well and don't break the bank either I have used a model 60 for many differnet types of predator dispatch larger then a fox or coon I would use a .22 magnum unless you can touch them with the gun
Sounds like 'ole foxy there is suffering from rabies!! I have only heard of such bold behavior when infected with the "virus"

A 22 would work if you are a good shot, but my thinking is a 12-guage with a scatter shot. Better chance of hitting the target.

In addition, you could talk to someone about getting a trap and trying to catch the bugger. Maybe the game warden would want to test him for rabies too.
A guess, the fox was the male and the cat got too close to that den you speak of, however you didnt post the relative distance and direction from which the cat and fox came from.

As posted, this is the time of year foxes are raising young, they will hunt 24 hours a day and can get very bold, especially when defending their litter.
My birthday's coming up, maybe I'll tell DH I want a gun!
I was really hoping for some power tools... Of course this type of thing never happens when he's home!

Now that's I've calmed down a bit I can laugh about it, I don't think the fox was rabid, but we'll be watching for it to return. My husband nearly hit it in the driveway last night, so this was not his first time in the yard. I have no problem co-existing with the local wildlife, but I also want to be able to go out in my yard at dusk. I've lived here for 29 years and never had an experience quite like that one!
I did leave a message for the game warden, and will follow up tomorrow, I don't want a rabid animal around, I also have a toddler. We will be very wary in the next few days.
Yeah, I'm thinking I'll ask my brother to help me out and do a little patrol the next few evenings for me. I think this animal is beyond my hunting abilities right now. We had a rabid coon go after cows in my grandfather's yard in the middle of the day back when I was a kid, it was not a pretty site and something that's stuck with me.

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