Just got chicks today!


7 Years
May 20, 2012
I haven't had chickens for about four years, since I moved to the "big city" in Montana, Billings. We have a no-chicken policy here, but they are about to enact a chicken ordinance at last!! Our city council voted last week to enact the ordinance. There are a couple public hearing sessions before it goes into effect and is fully adopted, but it looks good.

Good enough, anyway, that I bought six chicks today at the farm store when I saw the sign saying they wouldn't be getting any more. (I figure if something happens, and it doesn't go into effect, I will just have to rehome to someone out of city limits. But it really doesn't look like it's gonna go that way! Woo!)

In any case, I now have two white leghorns, and one of each of these: white orpington, new hampshire red, rhode-island red, and black star. Hurrah! All but the leghorns are new-to-me breeds! (My previous chickens, all 17 of them or so, were a mixed lot as well! These chicks were MUCH better socialized than the ones I purchased a few years ago through mail order, so I'm pretty happy with that. Of course, they're a bit older and bigger than 3 day old chicks, too. Hmm. May have to stop by tomorrow to check their ages.

For now, they're in a kiddie pool brooder in my garage, eating and piling on top of one another happily.

I don't have a coop yet, but am working on getting that done. Thrilled to death to be getting some urban hens at last! I miss my farm style eggs!
Thanks! Glad to be here! The peeps did well through the night and are busy this morning!

Farm store didn't have any chick grit (just the #2 stuff), so I'm holding off on any treats. Boo.
from Ohio!

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