Just got my shipped eggs, now what?

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    OK, so I need a little help. I just picked up my shipped eggs from my SIL's house. She picked them up for me at the PO. I got them home and checked the eggs for cracks, and the aircells. I couldn't make out an aircell in any of the eggs, but I think i've read that sometimes it takes a while to be visible. The last (and first) shipped eggs I ordered you could see the aircells, and they were all bad.
    So anyway, SIL had the box sitting on her counter. They were shipped in the carton and when I removed them I saw SIL had them properly. So I took them out and placed them on my desk to continue to set pointy side down in the carton. How long do I need to leave them (considering they've been setting properly since about 10 am) before I put them under my broody? I know night is best, but I don't know that they've been setting long enough to put them under her tonight, so should I wait till tomorrow night?
    And the fact that I can't see the aircell, is that better than seeing a broken one?
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    I would set them tonight. Wait 10-12 days and candle, then remove any that are not developing.
    Best of luck ! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Yup, get them going right away, I always say.

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