Just got some Goslings!

Discussion in 'Geese' started by MartinsPoultry, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. My fiance bought me a duck and goose package from Murray McMurray and they arrived today.
    It was suspposed to be 6 ducks 6 geese but we ended up with 9 beautiful goslings.

    From the looks of them I have 1 Emden, 2 or 3 African Grey, 2 Toulouse and 2 Tufted and rest are mystery. The ducklings that did come are Welsh Harlequins, 1 was doa.
    I have them with my 3 day old ducklings we hatched this week.
    IMG_20180329_163036.jpg IMG_20180329_163039.jpg IMG_20180329_163042.jpg IMG_20180329_163048.jpg
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    Aww. :love I like geese! I'm happy for you! They're so cute and fuzzy-looking and precious! :love
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    Such sweeties! :jumpy
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  4. Miss Lydia

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    Beautiful goslings and ducklings


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