Just had a good scare: teenagers in our woods shooting at my moms dogs

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    Jul 18, 2008
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    Just about 15 minutes ago I was talking to a state trooper who was taking down the discription of the two teens that just about a half hour before were shooting at my moms dogs in their kennels. Moms dogs only bark when theres people in the yard (or big strange animals- aka deers, stray horses, bear...etc) so when I looked outside and couldnt see any deer, I walked on the front porch in my socks wondering what could have them so upset. Then i heard a "POW" then a second later "TING" as the pellet or bb hit off the dogs kennels. I had no idea what I was hearing at the time so I yelled at the dogs to shut up (they listen normally) and they did somewhat until I heard "POW"!a second later "ting!" then the dogs started up again. Another pow and no ting and the neighbors guinea fowl were freaking out. I put two and two together and realized that someone was shooting at my moms dogs and the neigbors guinea fowl. The way our property is set up, to the left of our house is a few medium sized evergreens, a large boulder and beside the boulder and out of range from my sight on the porch (it's hidden from the house by the evergreens) is the dog kennels that house my moms Am. Bulldog Asia and technically my dads australian cattle dog Ruby...then directly behind the dogs is a small stream (we call it a creek but it's tiny lol) and then about an acre of woods then a road, and then the neighbors property which his house faces our property (like i can see his porch from my porch).

    Once I realized what was going on I yelled in my most authoritic (trying not to sound scared---which i was) voice "WHOEVER IS SHOOTING BETTER F**** stop it because you're richocetting (sp?) off of everything!" I thought maybe someone was being an idiot shooting at the neighbors guinea fowl (i actuallythought maybe the neighbors were shooting at their own guinea fowl for a second and somehow richocetting into my moms dogs kennels). These kids would have loud and clear heard my yelling because we live on the top of a mt on the side of a valley, we can hear toy dogs yapping, people sneezing, fighting from miles away easily--so no doubt all of my town heard me lol.

    Right after I yelled, they shot again!!! Hitting my moms dog kennels again. They didnt care. About 3 shots later (within onlya few seconds of eachother--me all the while debating on running out there in my socks to see if i could find the people in our woods) here they come walking down the road, rifle swung over the one kids shoulder both of their heads down. I yelled "youguys better STOP shooting or im calling the cops!" they didnt even acknowledge my presence, and I decided I WAS going ot call the cops, and I decided to let them know so ...I go "no, ya know what I AM going to call the cops!" it's humorous to think now because those two picked up their heels and booked it like crazy down the mt side across the old stone bridge and out of sight down into the town (we live on the outskirts of town).

    I called my mom first--whom i live/rent off of with my hubby....asked if she had a pen and a peice of paper..she did so as I saw them running out of sight I gave mom their descriptions even toughi couldnt see thier faces...thenasked her if i should call the cops. she said she'd call and a half hour later the cop came took down my discriptions and told us to call if the dogs come up wounded---it got dark within onlythat half hour...so it was hard to see if the dogs were hurt...we looked them over as best we could though. Checked our vehicles as well and i checked on my quail...all were fine. I know they wont catch the kids that did it so i really dont even know why we had the state cop come out buti guess it's good to have on record incase it happens again right?


    I do believe i know whos boys they were too..but since i couldnt SEE who it was, and they didnt make a sound other than with their rifle pellet gun i didnt recognize them off of sight or sound...but i am almost positive it was our other neighbors grandsons who are nothing but trouble. They live about a mile from our homein town and walk to their grandmas all the time. I will have to keep an eye out to see if they start bringing a rifle pellet gun to her house..if so i will becalling her and telling her i will call on them if theyso much as shoot a pellet in our direction. Theres not too many atleast 6 ft tall skinny kids around here who would know right where my moms dogs are (as her dogs are hidden from the road, and you'd have to be our neigbors to know where they are no doubt in my mind--plus they only bark when peopleare in the yard *or strange animals as i said above* so they arent a nusciance like the kennel breeders dogs down the road in town are). Thank God it looks though that they have bad aim.

    It just sucks that unless i had positive evidence who it was..nada wll be done...even if we do find the dogs were hurt or our vehicles o rhouse damanged....only we can fix the issue....not these evil teens with nothing better to do than shoot defenseless animals. Moms Am Bull may look tough but she's a dumb head, even if loose the most she would have done is plowed them down trying to play with them, and if they shot her im sure she wouuld have yelped....which i did not hear. The aussy is going deaf and seem sto have lessing vision (though no cataracts) so even though she WOULD have attacked strangers...i doubt she would have known whereto go lol!!! I'm glad moms outside cat was hanging around the porch when allof this happened or im sure htey would have tried ot kill him [​IMG]

    Nothing like this has ever happened here before and i've lived here almost all of my life....something like 12 years now (i'm 24 so technicallyi havent lived here allof my life) lol. Too bad my dad wasnt here, he would have chased them down...i wasnt about to i was scared out of mywits....(though ticked off as well).


  2. Dar

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    Jul 31, 2008
    i hope there wont be a next time...

    but if there is a next time never mind going out there in your socks to see whats going on....call 911 and fast...somene is shooting at me!!!!....you never know what they are shooting at and with what...
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    Oh that just makes me so mad!! I'm so sorry those idiots did that to your dogs and birds. Before I moved here, we lived in a town on a corner lot and people would shoot pellets at our Irish Setters...it's a big reason we moved to a more country type setting, though it sounds like being more in the country didn't help you guys out much. Grr...I hope those jerks get caught! [​IMG]
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    Oct 1, 2008
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    glad everyone was ok. i had the same thing happen two days after i moved into my new house. i have a deaf australian cattle dog that got away from me. there is no way to call it and it was trotting at a good pace. i ran to tell my husband and noticed him two doors down. i headed down the road to see if i could get its attention. (hand signals) the two boys (old enough to know better) were pumping pellet guns. they couldn't see me there was a tree in the way. i yelled "stop shooting at my dog" something happened, they either hit him or scared him, he ran right back home. i was soo upset. i called the cops. they didn't come. i thought, not a good way to meet the neighbors. i did see their uncle and introduced him to my dog and explained sometime he gets away and i can't call him. please give me a minute, i am usually right behind him. he was very nice and gave me the number there in case he was loose someone would head out to look for them.
    i was sick for a long time over it....
    anyway didn't mean to steal you thread. i thought i had the only idiots out here. good luck
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    May 8, 2008
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    I'm sorry that happened....it's just sickening to think they were shooting at kenneled animals who didn't have a chance.

    Please, for your safety, call the cops first, and don't confront the little criminals. They could have shot at you!

    Even though you don't have an ID on the little brats, most cops are very aware of the the people in the community they "serve and protect", and have a way of letting young hooligans know they are being watched.

    And don't be surprised if you see the cops passing your house a little more often than usual in the next few weeks.
  6. CityGirlintheCountry

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    If somebody is shooting at you with a pellet gun on your property, what does the law say about shooting back? Not to start a war or anything and certainly not saying you should shoot the boys. I just don't know what the law says about such things and was curious.

    Hope you and the dogs are all okay! That's scary!
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    what is up with those brats? geez. call 911 right away if this ever happens again. if there is gunshot, they usually are very quick to respond!
  8. monarc23

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    Jul 18, 2008
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    thanks guys, even though it seemed like everything was going slow, my mom was on with the cops while I still could slightly see them running off. I was very scared for yelling at them, i couldnt see themand had no idea what i was dealing with, so that was very stupid of me. It took my brain a bit to realize though what was going on as soon as i realized i was terrified lol!!!! I really truely believe they wont do it again (i thikn i scared the crap out of them)...plus my dad who is a truck driver will be home tomorrow, and will behome for a long while (well after thanksgiving and during deer hunting) so i'll feel safe for a while. He's got a permit to carry a gun for his job (he hauls for the government) so I'll feel pretty safe. He was joking and told me I should have ran after them and tackled them...YEAH. RIGHT. LOL

    I hope the dogs are okay...wish they could tell me "yeah...i got binged here..." im going to check them all over throughly tomorrow morning and look around the kennels for any pellets that should be scattered around.

    My mom called the neighbor that is the grandma to the boys i think did it...she called to warn her that there is bad teens around shooting at our dogs and to watch her dogs (my moms so clever lol) and she advised us that in town robinson (im in thetown of robinson buton the outskirts so not WITH the town basically) that cops are called everynight for teens doin gbad stuff...shewouldnt say what, however that's where her grandsons live...just sounds interesting...hmm. Mom discribed the gun to her...so hoepfully if her grandsons have that gun she'll put two and two together. She's a big animal person like we are so she did deffinatly sound upset by it so i think if she may think her grandsons did it, she'd yell at them about it...i'd hope lol!

    She said she's going to call the owners of the guinea fowl, to let him knwo his birds were shot at...so that's nice because we barely know him....when he first moved here (a year ago) he kept digging on our property, and I confronted his son the one day telling him he was on our property, then theowner of the house called and set up a meeting to come over to talk with my mom about property. Here when he bought the house the realitor told him that he owned our woods our creek, and even the land that the dog kennels sit on. He had a one sided shouting match at my mom, and mymom whipped out our TWICE surveyed deed thing...and he hasnt spoken to us since. So that's why we werent able to contact him about his guineas i hope they are okay im fond of them even though they're not mine lol!

    thanks for caring guys!!!
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    Jul 18, 2008
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    Quote:that's very upsetting makes you wanna hit other peoples kids for them [​IMG] Atleast thier uncle was nice about it, that's got to be challenging dealing with a deaf dog...i'd take one on for sure as they diserve a good life too but i know it'd be a major learning experience. It's sad when people get rid of them for handy caps like that glad you have him! [​IMG]
  10. monarc23

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    Jul 18, 2008
    Indiana, Pennsylvania
    Quote:thats really sad they were shooting at your dogs. it seems that you can't be safe anywhere from teens that aren't properly diciplined by their parents or guardians....*sigh*

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