Just had a seven week old chick GO BROODY!

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    Today is our six seven-week-old chicks' second trip outside with the big girls. There's not as much fighting today as there was last time, they're co-existing (mostly) happily. The new ones are very interested in the coop. When they were getting checked on just now, with a peek through the coop door, everything was looking well...then, the white leghorn chick stepped aside, and there, sitting on the nest, was seven-week-old Cameron the easter egger. When she was lifted up, it was found out that she was sitting on another chicken's full-size egg!! A seven-week old broody easter egger!!!!!!
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    Are you sure she just didn't fly up there?

    How was she behaving? A broody has certain behaviors displayed, such as clucking, puffed up feathers, defensiveness, pecking, wanting to be on the nest nearly 24 hours a day, etc.
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    Wow, that's awfully young to go broody. Normally, they have to lay a few eggs first. I wonder if she was hiding? Snap a photo for us!
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    Oh, we know she isn't ready to actually bear children, that it's not biologically possible yet...! But she did do the mama-hen superhiss when she was approached, and she was sitting on the actual egg...we just thought it was the cutest bird-mothering characteristic ever, the fact that she's so young!!! [​IMG]

    I will take a picture if we can catch it again. Need to start taking a camera out there...if it happened once, hopefully it'll happen again!!!

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