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Just hatched over the weekend, trials and tribulations etc.....

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by loanwizard, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. I just finished a hatch, my 2nd one, and thought I would share my results. I had just finished my 1st hatch where I got 7 hatched out of 20 set and I thought that was horrible. This time I got 15 out of 19 set.

    Trials- Temp and Humidity- I live in Ohio and it is getting cooler but I haven't turned on the heat yet. 80 during the day, upper 40's at night. The first week it rained every day and I couldn't get the humidity down. It stayed at about 58 percent. Also, my thermometers wouldn't calibrate together so the digital read 98.7 and the old fashioned one that came with the incubator read 102. Since my eggs pipped on day 19, I am guessing it was a little warm.

    I only candled on day 7 and day 18, and by the looks, I only had one that looked like the embryo had started (eye on day 18) but stopped forming, and one I was unsure of.

    On day 19 I got my first pip and early on day 20 I had 6 hatched out. On day 21, yesterday, I had 13 out of their shell and moved them to the brooder because they were kicking the heck out of the other eggs. By the time hatch day came, I couldn't get the humidity up so I put water in through the 1 vent my incubator had to get it above 60 percent. I noticed a couple pipped eggs that hadn't zipped and had been there for the day and a half. Both were cheeping strongly. I pulled the one egg and tried to help it out. Unfortunately, I got the entire shell off but the membrane, upon me picking at it, had some blood and I figure I killed it. The second one I helped out and it came to life in the palm of my hand but its toes were all curled up and it had trouble standing. I left it in there for an hour or two to dry then put it in the brooder with the others. This morning it was fine enough I couldn't tell it from the others.

    I cleaned the incubator and turned the heat back on and will set 42 eggs tonight or tomorrow.

    I am thinking that I will change the batteries on the digital thermometer/humidity device to see if that helps.

    This will be my last hatch of the year. I have 36 hens/pullets and 2 roo's (I think)..... plus 7 3 week olds and this batch of 15. If I can get 33-35 out of 42, that would be approx 57 for next year. Figuring 50% pullets and 50% roo's that would be 28 hens for next years egg production plus the 7 or 8 I have laying now plus the pullets that better start laying.

    Question- I imagine what I am doing is called straight run? Is the usual ratio 50/50 roo to hen?

  2. cmom

    cmom Hilltop Farm

    Nov 18, 2007
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    Yes, straight run and average is about 50/50. Sometimes I get more girls and sometimes more boys but it all balances out. I keep my birds separated so I don't have any cross breeding or siblings breeding. Good luck... [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Quote:Holy Cow! I never thought about that! Does sibling breeding cause retardation in chicks?

    Wait a minute..... I have 7 different hens laying. All are going to have the same dad.... well.... 2 roos. How the heck do you separate them?

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