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    OK, technically...WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE....between an Isa Brown, Shaver Red, Golden Comet, and Red Star chicken? I have looked at images of all and they seem the same to me. However, we have six hens that were all originally called "Golden Comets" when we bought them, yet there are slight differences between our three older ones and our three young ones. The three older ones are slightly redder, and they do not have the white "necklace" I guess you'd call it...that the three younger ones do. But they all have the white trim on the tail, and conformation wise, look the same. Help??
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    They are all hatchery created "breeds," which are not really breeds, they are crosses of various breeds, created to be good layers.
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    Plus, they're crosses of breeds which will genetically throw easily sexed chicks, with males one color and females another. Good layers easily sexed at hatching - different hatcheries call them different names, like branding them with their own name. Red Stars from one place, Cinnamon Queens from another, Golden Comets, etc. Kinda like trade names.
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    Those are all hybrids. They are not true breeds.

    Your older hens probably have different parents than the younger ones, and that would explain the variation. You would probably also get more variation in a cross than you would a regular breed.

    The hybrids are often popular because pullets and cockerels can be determined at birth. The hybrids are also bred to be docile.

    If you bred your hybrid hens, you would really get some variation.
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    OK, that's what I wondered, if it was just a brand name! Thank you! We have bred some with some interesting and attractive results.
    (I forgot to add Cinnamon Queen to the list...[​IMG])
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    Don't forget the parentage is different in most cases. You can breed RIR with white breeds or New Hamp Red with white breeds. Each breeder can have different parent mix. It does make a difference which parentage the babies have. A RIRxDelaware is going to be like my Red Stars....very calm and docile, friendly, 5+ eggs/week production, and super duper quiet. If you mix a RIRxWhiteBarred Rock, you risk chicks that squawk alot or go broody. So there are other differences than just a brand name. Before I buy a sex link I want to know the parentage but places refuse to tell you as if it's some secret that only they can do. As if no other breeder hasn't tried that combination before. Makes no sense to me why they won't give the parentage of the chicks. It could be an important element in chick choice but that's just my opinion.

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    because its a trade secrete, they have spent lots of money to create this hybrid lines, nothing a backyard breeder could ever hope to match by just breeding R.I.R with any silver hen(RIW,Delawares) they just wont be as productive, BUT... that does not mean you cant breed them and get more of them if thats what you want, I was doing this progect myself a few years ago, breeding ISA browns to Ameraucana and breeding the F1s back to ISA to have a productive hen(close to ISA) but with green eggs, I was doing the same but for blue eggs(using production type white leghorns), but when I was on BC1(back cross to parent 1) my land got raided and I lost all of my progects

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