Just have to brag about my rooster!

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  1. I know that everyone has great stories about their chickens, but I just had to brag a little about my rooster, Rusty. I "rescued' Rusty back in February, from my neighbors who were going to take him to the auction due to too many roosters and fighting. I really have no desire to raise chicks, but thought that it would be good for the hens to have a rooster looking out for them since they free range. After the 30 day quarantine, battling scaly leg mites, and the continuous crowing, I was really regretting taking him. Not to mention he would try (and one time succeeded) to go back to my neighbors house! I already had my mind set on rehoming him the next time anything irritating happened. Anyway, I have a broody Bantam hen right now, Voilet, and when she is broody, she is MEAN! Well, the other day, everyone was out eating some corn that I threw to them, when all of the sudden, Violet attacked my 4 month old Pekin duck. They were going at it, when Rusty jumped in the middle. He jumped at Violet, turned around, jumped at Pickles, the duck, and even jumped at my 4 month old rooster who was getting a little riled up from the commotion. He totally just jumped in the middle and told everyone to knock it off, and they did! I was so impressed with him. Then, I decided to lock my two broodys out of the coop during the day, since someone has been coming in and breaking the one egg a day that I am getting. Well needless to say, Violet was not happy. She got very aggressive, and when I finally got her out of the coop, she started charging me. Then, out of nowhere, comes Rusty. He went after Violet! He totally chased her away from me. I couldn't believe that he protected me from her. He really does not care for violence of any kind, that is for sure. I definately think he is doing a great job of earning his keep. Thanks for letting me brag!
    Here is a picture of the studly man.
  2. Knock Kneed Hen

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    What a great story and a very handsome boy!
  3. Cloverleaf Farm

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    That's fantastic!!! Congratulations on rescuing such an awesome roo!!! [​IMG]

    After I posted this, I saw where you are from! Howdy neighbor!!!! [​IMG]
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  4. Quote:Hi there! Nice to see people from our neck of the woods on here!
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    Very cute story! They never fail to amaze me... I had a lavender orp roo who was a calm quiet guy. My bantam cochin girls get an attitude every now and then. One day one of them was just starting fights with anybody who crossed her path. Well, she started a fight with yet another hen when my bantam salmon fav, Peep, chimed in to try and break it up. Then my lav boy ran in between the girls, turned right around to face the demon chicken, made some yelling type noises at her, literally stomped his foot, yelled at her again, and she turned around and sulked the rest of the day! [​IMG] I was floored when I saw this whole thing play out, especially the foot stomping - that topped it all off [​IMG]

    It's wonderful you were able to get such a great boy, despite the issues in the beginning. I think he appreciates everything you've done for him [​IMG]
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    And that's why I love roosters! [​IMG]
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    Very handsome Splash Roo! Yup a good roo is worth his weight in gold (or hens, or eggs, or.........well you understand [​IMG] )
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    Oh, Rusty is HANDSOME! Thanks for bragging. [​IMG]
  9. theoldchick

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    Don'tcha love the cocky angle of his comb? He's earned a place on the 'bragging wall'!
  10. Bantimna

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    Great story!
    I would love to hear more about Rusty's "rescues" and "amazingness"!
    He is also a handsome critter! [​IMG]

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