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Apr 22, 2012
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Got 6 of these little fuzzies at TSC and theoretically they are 4 weeks old today (assuming they were day olds when I adopted them). They are so cute I can barely stand it. Much cuter now that they're outside and not splashing water all over their brooder (yick). Glad we got their messy wet butts onto pasture.

They go outside in the sun during the day when it is 40˚F and above, and then they come indoors at night as it is still dipping down to 28˚F. Hopefully once May hits they will be able to stay out in their favorite dog crate all night.

I know I have at least one female as she quacked when I scooped her up to put her in the crate for the night. I've put a leg band on her and will wait until I hear other quacks and tag those girls too. Hopefully there are at least 2 in this batch! In the end, we will butcher all the drakes except for the one who will form a trio (or a quartet?) with any of our girls.

I love how they are feathering out, and I also love that this breed is supposed to be a little flight-challenged, though in the end these might end up as "tractor" ducks instead of free range ducks depending on how much they get into my garden.

I never thought I would enjoy ducks this much. They are such beautiful water creatures, and completely different from chickens.


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Apr 14, 2011
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Awwwww! They are adorable!!

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