Just installed my eletric fence


12 Years
Jun 4, 2009
Dutchess County NY
BEWARE!!! Coons, opossums, coyotes bears and what ever may stroll by. I have always locked our chickens up each night but with the new hot wire I feel they will be secure

But I will energize the fence tonight and if all holds up I will leave the pop door open tomorrow night.
We're looking at putting up electric poultry netting soon - there's bob cats around here as well as bears, fox, coyote.....well you get the idea. I think we'll all sleep better at night knowing there's a huge shock between those predators and our feathered babies!
That sounds a little sadistic.
The hot wire runs around the top and bottom of the metal dog kennel run. It is about 5 inches on the other side of the fence. And there is chicken wire 2 feet high all around the bottom. So they really cant stick their necks through and reach the wire. But if one does I can almost guarantee she will drop an egg right where she stands.
It may even come out cooked already.
Was it hard to do .... the electric fence installation? I want it, but think I won't be able to figure out how to do it. Is it very expensive?

Oh, and what about the chickens? They get shocked, obviously? They are so small, doesn't the shock kill them?

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