Just killed one of my chicks! Need advice on giving Tylan injection!

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    I'm a terrible chicken mommy! [​IMG]

    I've been nursing two sick australorp chicks that I bought when they were 6wks old. I've had them for about a week and I had noticed they were sneezing and making gurgley/rattle noises the first night I got them home.

    At first it didn't seem too serious, I tried to just give them extra nutrition support and warmth to see if they would get over it. I also added some VetRx to their water and rubbed a little under their wings.

    The gurgling continued, and I noticed that one just wasn't eating and was really thin, so I did a bunch of research and found the most likely culprit to be CRD. After reading everything I could find on the topic, I ordered some Tylan 50 injectable and also started hand feeding the sickest bird to try to keep it strong.

    I've given shots to my other pets before, and I used to work at a vet clinic, so I felt pretty confident about being able to give the shot even though I'd never done it on a chicken before. The instructions from Randall Burkey said to give .5 cc either subcutaneously or in the muscle of the breast. First shot I gave yesterday was to the sicker bird, and I did it under the skin because he/she did not have much muscle. I didn't care for the result as it made a bubble that leaked a lot of the medicine back out, so for the second bird I gave the shot in the muscle of the breast. Everything went just fine with that, and so I decided I use the same technique for their next dose that was due today.

    Well, I got home and the sicker bird was still alive though it's crop was pretty much empty. I laid him/her on it's back and poked around with my fingers to find a little breast meat for the injection (not easy since this one is so skinny), and gave the shot. Since it was so thin I tried to be extra careful not to stick the needle in too deep and to watch for any resistance that could mean I would poke it in a bone or anything terrible like that. I gave the injection and then picked the bird up to put it back in the brooder box, but it started flipping it's head back all crazy and going limp before I could even take a step. I made a couple of gagging noises and then stopped breathing completely. I'm not ashamed to say that I tried a little mouth to beak, but it was no use. Within 30 seconds it was dead.

    All I can think is that the needle must have hit something it shouldn't have because there was no breast muscle to cushion it or that it had a reaction to the medication itself. Now I am kicking myself because I basically murdered my poor chick while trying to make her better!

    Since I still have the other one, which is much stronger and eating on it's own, I don't want to screw up and kill it too, so can you guys give me any tips on a better way to do the Tylan? I read somewhere on here that I can use it as a nasal flush instead. Or, if the injection is the best way to go, what is the safest way to administer the shot? Also, what thoughts do you have on dosage? The instructions that came with the shipment says .5 cc for 7 to 10 days, but that seemed like an awful lot for a 7 wk old chick. It did not mention size in the dosage instructions either, but it seems like that would be more for a full size chicken. Help!
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    Check your PM
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    the dose is 35mg/kg.
    in Tylan 50 there are 50 mgs of med per cc.
    at .5 cc you were giving 25 mgs...too much for a chick..
    not your fault...always double check before giving any med for correct dose..
    a chick only weighs some ounces..
    if you have a baby scale or food diet scale best to weight the chick.

    never lay a chicken on it's back.

    for muscle shot (IM)
    breast muscle is a good spot (usually)..a little away from the breast bone, preferably on the chicken's left side of breast.
    needle should go in on a slight angle away from the breast bone, and you don't need to go deep..it only needs to go in a teeny bit..just enough to break the skin into the muscle..

    for skin shot.(SQ)..(preferable with chicks).you can use the skin at the back of the neck..lift the skin slightly..but with a chick you have to be careful not poke thru..
    same technique for breast skin shot.

    also..the dose can be mixed with applesauce or any baby fruit, and given by needleless syringe orally, by tiny drops in mouth..or by giving in throat..beyond the holes in the tongue..
    depending on amount (with a chick)..all at once, or in a few small "squirts".
    this technique can also be used with adult chickens when giving multiple shots..since the shots can cause bruising. alternating oral doses with injections can minimize the bruising.

    sorry you lost your chick.
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    I'm so sorry this happened, but we all make mistakes so don't beat yourself up over this, you were just trying to help! [​IMG]
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    I'm so sorry you lost your chick...
    don't beat yourself up about it...these things DO happen to even the best of us.

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