just knitted a hat *now with pictures*


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Dec 30, 2008
hollister, florida
i stopped knitting for a while and just picked back up. with some round needles with the wire attached (knitting in the round) sorta thing. i had forgotten how tricky that thing was but i got it ill post pictures of it when i get my photos loaded. its fall colors tan/red/brown/green and i put a puff at the top. but i guess my question is, is there another place i can put my pinky? its so swollen right now and i want to make a bunch of these but my finger is throbbing lol. thank you so much for the help
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I'm looking forward to seeing your hat. That sounds great!

As for your fingers, this is one of the times when helping over the internet is a bit harder than being in the same room. It does sound like you need to adjust how you are holding your circular needle. Can you possibly have someone take a picture of how you are holding your work? That might help. When I use a circular needle, my little fingers don't do much of the holding. My other fingers do most of that. I think my fingers actually stick out to the front of my hand slightly, like I am drinking tea at a fancy tea party.

People hold their yarn in all kinds of ways, too. Left hand, right hand, thrown, laced through the fingers, looped around a finger, etc. Does your finger being sore have anything to do with how you are holding your yarn, or just your needles?

The hardest thing I had to learn when I started knitting was to get my yarn tension right and not fight the yarn and needles. I had to learn to relax while knitting and not have such a death grip on those needles!

You could also try looking at some of the many knitting videos on YouTube. www.youtube.com You could look at how some of the other knitters are holding their circular needles and yarn. That might help you.
Now you have me itching to pick up my knitting. A few more weeks til most of the outdoor work is wrapped up. Maybe then.

I don't really use my pinky, I just kinda stick it up as though I'm having high tea. Definitely be conscious of the tension. If you are fighting with it you need to loosen up a little bit. Relaxed knitting just flows. BTW is it a pain from pressure, from friction, or just kinda sore, like being in the same position too long? If its the last, it might work itself out. Just like getting back to exercise after a hiatus, it takes the muscles a few days to readjust.

Good luck with the project!
shortstaque, I hadn't thought about it just being from holding one postion too long.

It's good to take breaks from your knitting and stretch your hands. I lightly make a fist and then extend my fingers outward a few times. Move my shoulders around. Stretch my arms. Stand up and walk across the room. Sometimes, just take a break and do something else for a few minutes. It's a good time to go get a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of cool water. Or let my dogs outside. It's easy to get absorbed in what you're working on and forget how long you've been knitting.
my pinky wraps around the knitting needle (my right hand pinky) im left handed but learned to knit right handed and im fine with it. oh ive been on youtube so many times lol. thank you im going to try holding loser. see if that works my pinky sorta just locks up and it just swoll really huge when i finished my hat. im now working on a different hat its red white and blue three yarns one fixed circular needle lol its hard and i casted on 80 stitches this time
instead of 64. ive got about 50 to make and i can do 2 in three days cause i need breaks sometimes their for cancer patients at my local hospital. thought it would be a good fall present.
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You're making 50 more hats? That's a lot of hats! No wonder your finger is sore from knitting, with a project that big! You have a kind heart to be doing such a nice thing for others.

I'm left handed, too! I hold my needles the same as a person that's right handed and the stitches look the same. The difference is that my left needle moves more than my right needle. Instead of my right needle inserting into the stitch on the left needle, I have the left needle place the stitch onto the right needle. Does that make sense? My left hand and arm are doing the lion's share of the movement and work. I wonder if that could also take some of the strain off of your right hand, if you have your left hand do a little more of the work? Then you wouldn't need to hold on to the right needle as securely.

When I work on something as large and heavy as a man's sweater and I'm using a circular needle on the neck, at the end, it's more of a strain. In the past, I put a pillow on my lap to elevate and support it. What I do now is work at my little craft table at that stage in the project. Any table or desk works for this. The table supports the weight of the sweater and it isn't as fatiguing. A hat is smaller, but you could also try that, by supporting it on a pillow or something like that, on a table.

Maybe try an ice pack for your finger, too. I hope the swelling goes down and is less painful soon.
the swelling has almost completely gone down now i think my hands actually move about the same but my left hand doesnt hurt after. im almost done with the second hat i wanted to get it finished but i was out of it lol. i guess i shouldnt complain and i should make these hats with lots of love lol. and thank you im going to call the hospital and see how many people they have if they can release that info so everyone gets a hat.

edited to say i should get pictures up this weekend. hopefully ill have two more pictures to add to it
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I have no advice at all for you, but I wanted to chime in and say that I think it is a wonderful project that you are working on!!!! My Mom passed away from lung cancer last year, after an eight year battle with chemo, and let me tell you, chemo kills nerve endings in your extremities and you are cold all the time. My Mom wore a hat even in summer to keep warmer because of the effects of the chemo. This will be a MOST welcome gift! You are so thoughtful!! Thank you for what you are doing.

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