Just Laid


10 Years
Oct 11, 2010
Oro Valley, AZ
Greetings from Arizona! I have been lurking for a few months, since I got my first chickens, and thought I should join up. I would like to say thank you for all the great information. My ladies have benefited greatly, as I knew nothing. I am the proud head hen of a flock of seven: 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Black Sex-linked, 2 Silver-laced Wyandottes, and 1 Black Cochin. My 2 White Plymouth Rocks turned out to be Cornish crosses and were very tasty. I am looking forward to learning more and expanding my flock.

and if you've just been laid... Good for you.

trying to figure out how to add an image. We got our first egg this morning & I wanted to post the pic.
It worked! So, the one one the left was laid this morning by our Delaware. I was thinking it was never going to happen. I actually just bought a dozen eggs yesterday at the grocery store. Hopefully won't be doing that anymore...

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