just learning to care for ducks


7 Years
May 24, 2012
Acworth, Ga
hello all, pls forgive my ignorance I'm learning. so i got 4 ducks for my barn, well when i found out that there where traps set we took them home. i was unaware of the ration at the time and have 1 Cayuga drake 1 pekin hen 1 blue Swedish hen 1 magpie drake and a 2 month old f&w runner. the runner is being raised the the house we suspect its a he since Dutch has tried to mount our beagle and the Cayuga drake Sora wants to attack Dutch. so anywho the point is i get 2 eggs a day and don't know which r safe to take, for consumption. I'm a vegan (just want a bite to see what they taste like) yesterday i noticed the pekin hen Bonnibell as a bad tude and her feathers seem to b on end all the time. they all get outta cage time each day and she doesnt seem to wanna go too far. we don't want to encourage babies but if we end up w/ them we'll do right by them. i don't want food to go to waste by leaving the eggs out there to rot. i live in north Ga. we where not prepared to have 5 at home so i am researching a lot. they have a pool that's changed every day and fly bags to keep down the mass amount that seems to stay round. i would be devastated if i where to crack open an egg that had a fetus in it. so any and all info is appreciated. than you!!


7 Years
Apr 3, 2012
did you try to candle to see if a baby is inside it? If the egg is fertile, you could still eat it. i just wouldn't eat it if there was an actual duckling developing with the eye and everything.

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