Just loss guineas.. again


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Apr 3, 2011
My mother said that she thought she heard guineas outside, So I went to look...

(night time)
I got closer to the pen, 3 dead guineas on the ground.. 2 alive 4 missing... 10 weeks old. Heads missing, signs of struggle all throughout the coop, feathers and blood. Sounds like a possum..

Really really heart breaking...every day of their lives I was checking on them multiple times per day, clean water and food every day:(

This was the second lot.. the first time - birds got them during the day, they were 6 weeks old.

Just wanted to say thank you to all of those who helped me with my questions about these unique birds, it is much appreciated.

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Sorry for your losses, again. Sounds like you're coop/pen situation needs some major predator proofing to keep the rest safe. Could have been a number of small predators, but I'd definitely try to patch up any gaps or holes that ANYTHING could be getting in thru. You might want to set a few traps outside the pen, and see if you can catch whatever predator is getting in with the Guineas.
I'm sorry for your loss.

If you use wire or have open gaps, use 1/4" or 1/2" hardware cloth. Poultry wire is too wide, giving reaching predators easy access and is easy for coons and other predators to tear through. The hardware cloth is much stronger and the the smaller mesh keeps handsy predators from reaching in. I hope that helps keep your 2 remaining babies and any of the missing ones you find safer.
How lucky... I was browsing thru the pet adds and... There is a lady selling 8 week old guineas at a very reasonable price, my 2 are 9 weeks old now!

When I get 8 more guineas, Is it ok to introduce them straight away to each other? or should they be penned from each other for a little while..
I ran 3 strands of electric fence around the bottom 2-3 ft of my coop and it keeps most predators away.

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