Just lost 3 babies ....

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    May 29, 2008
    Hi guys,

    First post obviously but have been lurking for a while.

    I have just had 3 of my bantum chicks die today. I fed them at 8am and all were eating tho 1 or 2 seemed a bit disinterested, so I put them by the food and made sure they ate. Checked them at 1pm and gave them some more food.

    Most of them were in there eating, but I noticed 1 was not interested at all. I then looked in the house and found a chick on its side nearly dead, and closer inspection revealed 1 dead in the cage too.

    I brought the nearly dead one in, and the one that was looking a bit sad and sleepy standing off and tried to warm them up using a warm wheat bag, suspecting they might be cold. This was unsuccessful as the one nearly dead expired about 15 mins after. The one that was still standing died about an hour later after being unable to stand any longer about half an hour in.

    It's feet were a bit contracted so it was standing on its feet almost, and then it couldn't stand any longer and lay down, gave a few peep's and quietly gave up.

    What surprised me was how fast they died after seeming fine first thing in the morning - as I am wondering if they got cold or wet - is this consistent with anyone else's experience on how fast you can lose them?

    I have a pretty good eye for animals, and notice pretty fast if they don't quite look right / behaviour changes. Since they are able to (and i did see them) get together for warmth as needed, I am not sure here. It was a cold night, but if they got that cold overnight i would have thought they would be showing more signs of distress when I fed them + not wait til the warmest part of the day to give up?

    Anyone got any suggestions as to what would kill 4 - 6w/o bantum chicks so fast?

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Is your chick starter medicated? Cocci is the most common cause of quick death in chicks (and it does not always present with bloody poos)
    On occasion the feed will be bad... have a good look at it and see if it smells moldy or has cobwebs in it or excessive fines (powder)... if it does get a new bag immediately.

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