Just lost a 13 week old chick

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    Jan 30, 2008
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    Went down to the coop to check on everyone in the heat and found my beautiful white cochin baby barely alive. She died in my hand. She had been healthy until now, although when I put her in the coop about a week ago (after growing a little in the house) she was eating less. I figured it was because of changing from the chick starter to regular crumbles, although I mixed them. She had no symptoms of anything - runny nose or eyes, diarrhea, etc. Just fine one day and now gone. Water was dripping from her mouth when I picked her up. I had nutri-drench in her water. She was in a wire dog cage with another cochin a few weeks older, who seems to be fine. I'm not sure now what to do for the rest, or what to look for. Could this have been the heat? I have lost other birds that way, although they usually puffed up the day before they died. This one seemed fine this afternoon.

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