just lost a rhode island red......


8 Years
Aug 27, 2011
I have had 2 RIR's for 2 years. One got attacked by something while I was gone and lost her comb and some feathers. She continued to eat and was healing great. she just passed away this morning:(. will my other hen be okay by herself until spring or should i go ahead now and find some chicks to bring in with her? is it too late in the summer to get chicks. We live in western NC and it is warm now but the mornings are cool. My other hen is eating and doing fine. Please help....
isn't it recommended you not mix the ages of hens/chicks? I learned this recently when I came her with lots of health issues.
thank you to everyone.......I just loved my chicken and now I don't want the other to get lonely.........
People raise chicks year round just as long as they are under heat lamps. I would get some more if ur other one shows signs of being lonesome. My neighbors had one hen for about amyear by herself and she was just fine on her own.
she is a rhode island red. we live in a small town and I am having trouble finding any. but I am checking....

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