just lost my rooster, now one of my hens is a subdued *necropsy result

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    I have a 1year old BO who is a little quiet and subdued. She had leg mites,bwhich I have not treated because I just learned what to do from this forum. She's not one of my birds who tolerates handling well. I have a couple of birds molting, but here's what really scares me: I lost my rooster 12 days ago, and were not sure exactly to what. Final necropsy results from lung swabs are due in today. So far mareks, avian flu, ILT, and mycoplasma have been ruled out. My hen has no nasal discharge at all and looks perfect. She's eating, drinking, sun bathing, dirt bathing, all the chiken stuff and foraging, just not as much. Are hens a litlle more subdued when they molt? Could the leg mites be bothering her, or do I need to be more worried? She hasn't laid an egg in two days, but sh e wasnt a daily layer anyway.
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    Both leg mites and molting could be bothering her. Sometimes a hen that likes cuddling does not want to be touched when molting. It's as if their skin hurts. I hope it's nothing worse. You might consider worms and body lice/mites if you haven't already. Good luck.

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