Just moved my older hens into new coop

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    Jul 12, 2010
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    So I finally finished my new coop and I moved my BR pulleys into it a month or so ago. I then moved one of my older hens in with them knowing she was the least aggressive. That went great no problems. I had the old and new runs next to each other so the older hens could get used to the new pulleys. Just moved the remaining two hens into the new coop. No problems with fighting really but one hen flew out of the run and went back into the old coop for the first two nights. I ended up putting her into the new coop anyways. She tended to peck at the pulleys when she got in. I closed off the old coop after that. Tomorrow we'll she if she goes into the new coop with nowhere else to go. Not getting any eggs right now with all the stress of moving and new pulleys around. Plus one is finishing a molt. I need some eggs soon! Been hearing it from my wife about the lack of eggs and the cost of the coop. I hope the light in the new coop helps. It goes on around 3:30. I hope that isn't too early. The door opens up around 7:00. Gotta love that automatic door. Worth every penny at $90. I am worried about the nesting boxes though. The old coop which I bought had a small box with a pretty hard bottom. The new coop has a more traditional layout with pine shavings in it. I put some fake eggs in there. I hope that helps.
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    Why are you worried about the nests in the new coop? You know they will lay most anywhere. When the urge strikes....

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