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Just my luck.....

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by klf73, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. klf73

    klf73 Mad Scientist

    Jun 1, 2008
    I had bought some project mottled ameraucana from a breeder on the ameraucana breeder list. I hatched out 4 heterozygous(blue) and 1 homozygous(visual mottled). I keep waiting, wondering if they will mature late, but I am starting to think I hatched all pullets!!! Go figure! The same thing happened with my silver ameraucana, all 3 that hatched are pullets. I have hatched quite a few araucana and so far I have only hatched out 1 pullet that I am sure of, the rest have been cockerals, probably 10 of them. I seem to hatch out all pullets or all cockerals, not a decent mix ever! I did 2 different batches of wheaten/blue wheaten ameraucana. I got 4 cockerals and 1 pullet the first time and 3 pullets the second time, which was great, but I either get pretty much one or the other. I got lav project birds and they are all cockerals except for one true ameracana pullet. One girl out of 6 chicks! Geez, I had plans for projects but my hatching ratio is killing me [​IMG]

  2. jossanne

    jossanne Songster

    Jul 11, 2008
    Gila, New Mexico
    Maybe you need to teach your special incubation techniques to people who are trying to hatch only/mostly pullets! You could get rich![​IMG]

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