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    This is my first flock 3 RI Reds 3 Plymouth Rocks. I just started getting eggs. My grandson( 8 months old ) And I go out every morning colecting one to two eggs everyday.He cant eat them yet but I can.Kinda. Monday I went to the doctors for my regular visit and my Heart was racing. He sent me to the hospital. Long story short heart is in bad shape but with diet should be ok. I love our fresh eggs. The doc said that i can have 4 a week, I did a little research and he said 4 yoaks aweek so I can have 1 full egg and 2 more with out the yoaks 4 times aweek. I wanted to share and find out if there are any healthy recipies for eggs. I really enjoy the chickens and this site [​IMG] Thanks Scotty

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    make sure your chickens get lots of greens, that helps produce omega 3 fatty acids in the yolks which are actually good for the heart. Also, try egg white omlets.

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