Just need to talk about my rooster to some chicken people :(

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    To add to my current frustration: Normally I come here when I have chicken problems and hang out with people in chat, which always makes me feel better. I haven't been here in a couple weeks ((Comment questioning moderation removed)) Worse, I have searched for the user names of those I enjoyed talking to and have been unsuccessful in finding them.

    Two days ago a stray dog attacked my rooster Wally. Upon seeing him in a heap on the ground and learning that he was still alive, I was amazed! I immediately thought he should be humanly euthanized, but dh felt differently. We got him inside and cleaned up to assess injuries. He does not appear to have anything more than superficial wounds from the outside, however he bled from his mouth for a few hours after we brought him in.

    Later that night the bleeding had stopped and his mouth was clear, and he was breathing out of his nose. we were able to give him 1cc Pen G injection, and over night he was able to open his eyes and drink vitamin electrolyte water through a syringe 1-2ml each time.

    I heard from someone in the emergency forum that she was able to feed her injured roo a baby bird formula until he was well enough to eat on his own. I called around to feed stores to find someone who had this. I gave Wally some water before I left, and when I got back he had some gurgley breath and clear mucus coming from his mouth. I cleared it with a nasal aspirator as best I could. I decided to give him another full cc of Pen G. I checked on him a while later and cleared his mouth again... and within a few hours he was back to his pre-gurgle state.

    Within another few hours he was able to stand and continues to do so, but with his head resting on his chest. But as I just checked him at 5:30 he had gurgley breath again. However this time his mouth is clear. I am not sure if there is any other way to get the mucus up and out.

    Since yesterday he has been able to take a very thin mixture of the baby bird formula. I try to give him 1ml water then 1ml food then 1-2 ml water again. Of course it doesn't all get in... but I'm trying. DH probably tried to feed him the baby bird formula again last night, but I only know of two somewhat successful attempts once yesterday and once today. I hope that will at least be a good start for him. I really don't know how often I should be trying to feed it to him, but my guess is about as much as I try to give him water...every 1-2 hours.

    I can only give him 1 more shot of Pen G tonight and then he has to go off for a while. I am worried he may deteriorate in the between time.

    I am working with the parish to get a trap put on the property to catch that dog since no one has been able to identify the owner or catch him without a trap thus far. The rest of the flock is staying in the tractor until I can get that dog in that trap.

    To add to all this I have 2 pregnant goats expected to go into labor at any time, and everyone and their brother has called me to see if i can work for them or do something for them....its enough to make anyone lose sleep...
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  2. I have no idea what to tell you, but first [​IMG] That is alot to think about. Next, I would try to search in the tool bar above like 'Gurgley breath'.
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    Sounds like you have a lot going on right now. [​IMG]
    The information I quoted below came from this site:


    "if the bacteria involved was sensitive to Penicillin, with deep wounds this is often not the case, and you need antibiotics which treat anaerobic bacteria (ones that don't need air) for deep wounds, so a drug like 'Baytril' may have been better- but if the tissue damage was really severe then even that may not have helped."

    You might go look at this site and maybe post a question for the bird vets-I haven't ever asked a question on there before, but maybe they could give you some help for feeding your boy.

    Hope everything starts to settle down soon and hope your rooster comes around for you.
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    Can you copy and paste this over in the "emergencies" section??? That might help you get more feedback [​IMG]

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    Keep him warm, if you are mixing the baby bird formula, he will get enough water with it; you do not need to give water separately. However, giving him access to food and water so that he can eat/drink on his own is a good idea. Can you take him to a vet? Or do you have one who will prescribe baytril?

    Setting up a humidifier/vaproizer with oxine in the water may be helpful.

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