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Sep 6, 2009
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ugh..the time has come, I knew it would someday. My chicks are growing up and now I have too many roosters/cockerels. I am already attached and am really nervous about selling them. It would be easier if people didn't associate roo's with stew. I am not gonna cry, ok maybe a little, secretly. sooooo worried. My dh says "put em on craigslist", so worried I am. I am worried that some toothless guy will come and start mentioning how good he will taste. just the thought, I know a lot of people eat their chickens, but not me. I love them like family and these are the 1st chicks ever born here. I ended up with 50/50 ratio. plus, some of the chicks "parents" died during a fox attack and it makes it harder to get rid of them. Especially since I am pretty sure that "pickles" (RIP) is the mama to the 1 roo and she was one of my favorites.

K, but really, must get rid of the roos. I am gonna try to think positive, like maybe I will meet some real nice chicken loving folk this way. I would love to meet people in the area who enjoy chickens as much as I. I have met some nice people on CL, got some real nice wyandottes that way. Too bad that guy doesn't need any roo's, he had a real nice setup. Clean and nice lookin birds.
oh boy, I will have to gather my strength to list them!


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When i list them on CL, i list them for like $15...
Usually folks wont pay $15 for a chicken that they just want to eat... usually....
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Well I do eat my extra cockerels - but I knew I would before I started hatching but I see nothing wrong with not eating your chickens.

BUT - I do have a bachelor pen with three "pet" roos in it. They have a small "house" that they sleep in, they "share" a run in shed with the horse and her pasture. They do not have any hens with them and do pace the fence talking to the girls on the other side. Everyonce in a while they scuffle, and I put one of them in "time out", but on the whole they get along great.

If you can have cockerels/roos where you are, you might consider a pet roo pen.

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