Just not my day.

K&H Chicken Farm

11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
Redding CA
I did not sleep last night my cast was bugging me big time. After the kids get off to school I lay down and get some rest, only to wake up 3 hours later to chicken screams and dog barking.
My Inlaws hunting dog is keeped in the Emu pen next to the one I am using for a chicken run. My fav, little bantam hen had flown up and out of hers and into the dog run. She had never did this in the months we have had her. Well needless to say my hen is no more and I can not even bury her before the kids get home. Right now I fell so hopeless. The covered run we wear building her and Chicken Joe the roo stands half done. Its been a week and with my arm I can not work on it my shel so have to get help where I can.

I just hope Karma has bittin the driver in the butt that hit me right now.



12 Years
Apr 8, 2007
Southern WV
My BF had a favorite saying, one of many I might add, but when I had a bad day she would always tell me "remember, this too shall pass".

It will get better, hang in there.

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