just ordered 14 blackshoulder peafowl eggs.


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May 24, 2010
I ordered from G&T peacocks and will be sent overnight. I have had my sportsman on all summer. Anything I need to know? Do I really need to lay them on their side instead of in the turner? 60% humidity. I have been messing with dry incubation without much luck on my pheasants and some chicken eggs. Don't think I will risk it on the peafowl eggs.
I hatch many in a sportsman, had trouble with lot not making it out of the egg. then Craig Hopkin link on placing them on the side and hand turning and also use the auto turner.............improved my hatch rate on peafowl eggs....think alot depend on type of incubators, i have a hatchrite and roll-x eggs lay on their side ,get good hatch rate with these also. Lot of breeders start them under broody hens also for a week. which they are laying on there sides and being turned alot by the hen.
I cant disable the turning mechanism because I have pheasant and chicken eggs. Put the peafowl eggs in the hatching tray on their side?
Ok! I read the article and saw the picture of the eggs positioned on the trays. I have those trays and understand now. How about humidity? 55-60%
12 hours?? So I should wait 12 hours beofre placing them in the incubator? How long can peafowl eggs be out of the incubator before they go bad?????
Woah woah woah wait really? Ooops I didn't do that with the Deerman eggs...I put them straight in the incubator since I figured that would be better than waiting to put them in since you don't know how old the eggs are.
You will be fine. Letting the eggs rest is to Allow them to re equilibrate to room temp before putting in the bator. If they shipped
In nice warm weather not too cold then you should be okay.

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